How To Set Lycamobile Internet In Uganda

Below is how you can perfectly set your Lycamobile Internet In Uganda

Go to settings.

Select Mobile data.

Turn ON your Mobile data.

Select Mobile data network:

If you do NOT see Lyca Mobile in the list, please add a new APN.

Fill in these details:

How good is Lyc mobile Internet in Uganda?

The current 4G uploads on network maxed out at 7.24 Mbps and the speeds are so much lower than the download links.

On a brighter side, the 7 Mbps uploads on Lyc mobile Uganda is faster than some download speeds of competitor 4G networks.

Why is Lyc mobile Internet not working?

Please ensure that you have enough data allowance or sufficient balance available on your phone.

You can always find out the exact leftover allowance on your Lyc mobile account by dialling *137# and then pressing call.

Is LycaMobile data fast?

Speed. Lycaobile has average 4G download speeds of around 17.1Mbps, and average upload speeds around 5.4Mbps.