How To Register A Company In Uganda

What is a Company?

A company, abbreviated as co is a legal entity representing an association of people, whether natural, legal, or a mixture of both, with a specific objective.

Company members share a common purpose and unite to achieve specific, declared goals.

How To Register A Company In Uganda

1. Search for a Company name from the URSB, and this may take up to 30 minutes to receive a notification or confirmation.

2. Name reservation; take it for reservation after selecting your Company name. This process may take up to 1hour, and the cost is 20,000ugx. Remember, name reservation takes only 30 days to expire or before starting the registration process.

3. Company registration; registration process requires you the following documents; memorandum of understanding and article of association with board resolution signed on by a lawyer, company forms (this one you can pick from URSB or download online), and postal address. The cost for this depends on your company’s share capital.

4. Certificate of incorporation; when you submit relevant documents, the process may take up to 3-7days to pick up your certified copies and certificate of incorporation.

5. Obtain Tin; apply for a tax invoice number from the Uganda revenue authority; this can be done online or by submitting your certified documents containing a third party to URA’s offices.

6. Apply for a trading license from the local municipal authority; note that this one expires on 31st December of every year.

7. Register with NSSF (National Social Security Funds). Here, you need to take employer forms and employee forms for registration, and this may take up to 1-7days and is cost-free of charge. Note that NSSF is for all companies registered as private or limited by share capital.

8. Copies of original national identity cards, passport photos, and signatures for directors and secretaries. Note; signatures that appear on registration documents should be similar to those that appear on their national ids.

9. Email address and contacts for your company,

10. Get a company seal or stamp for your company from Posta Uganda

How Much Does It Cost to Register a Company in Uganda?

The steps below are the fees for registering a Company in Uganda

ProcessCharges in UGX
Company Name Reservation20,000 & 2,200 bank fee
Membership SubscriptionAnnual subscription:Associate = 1,100,000Gold = 510,000Silver = 260,000
Certificate of IncorporationRegistration fees: 20,000Stamp duty: 0.5 % of the share capital stamp Duty on Memorandum & Articles of Association: 35,000 plus filling gees of 25,000Filling Form A3: 20,000Filling Form 7/20: 20,000Filling Form A9: 20,000Filling Form A2: 10,000
Tax Identification NumberNo charges
Value Added TaxNo charges
Trading LicenseCharges depend on the nature of the business and the grade
NSSFNo charges
Company Seal225,000