How To Plant Irish Potatoes In Uganda

Here is how Iris Potatoes is planted in Uganda

You plant Irish potato by placing the sprouted seed potato on the farm bed or trench. Then cover with 3 inches of soil. If you are planting in a large space, make sure you space the seedling 10 to 12 inches apart.

Potato should be planted early in the season at the onset of rains for farmers who follow rain cycles. The crop may be planted on a flat field and afterwards earthen and transferred to ridge garden or may be planted on ridges directly, however the best way of planting would be using 10cm deep furrow.

How long do Irish potatoes take to grow?

Overall, a farmer needs at least sh2m to set up an acre of Irish potatoes, minus the cost of land. By three months, they are ready for harvesting.

When should Irish potatoes be planted?

Irish potatoes are a cool-season crop; they grow best in early spring and late fall when the days are warm and the nights are cool. However, the tops of the plant can- not withstand frost.

How long do Irish potatoes take to germinate?

Let them sprout at a temperature of 15ºC – 20ºC for 10 – 15 days. Select the healthy sprouted potatoes for planting and dispose of the rotten tubers.

According to Kiptala it is important to choose land with well-drained sandy loamy soils.

What is the best fertilizer for Irish potatoes?

When planting, an NPK ratio of 15-15-15 is ideal. A month or two after they’ve been planted, potatoes need lots of nitrogen, so a fertilizer with an NPK of 34-0-0 is the best choice.

An NPK of 12-12-17 or 14-7-21 is best for the last couple of months before harvest when the plants require more potassium.