How To Get Express Passport In Uganda

Below is how getting your passport express is done in Uganda

Attach Supportive documents i.e. deed poll, marriage, certificate, etc.

Attach a copy of the National ID with the name clearly appearing.

The fee is UGX 250,000, Bank Charges exclusive for replacement of your Passport.

Express fee is an extra UGX 150,000, Bank Charges exclusive.

How long does the Express passport take in Uganda?

It takes 10 working days to process a passport with the regular fees, Ugx 250,000 and 2 working days for the Express Process at Ugx 400,000.

How much is passport renewal Express in Uganda?

In the event you are making any changes, change of profession, names due to marital status, you will be required to attach the relevant legal proof of changes.

Express fee is an extra UGX 150,000, Bank Charges exclusive.