How To Get A Sponsor For School Fees In Uganda

What Is A School Sponsor?

School sponsored means an event sponsored by: the students, teachers, administrators, or employee of the District; a union which represents District employees;

a PTA or PTSA related to the District; or other organization whose primary mission is to serve the school, its students, teachers, administrators, or employees.

How To Get A Sponsor For School Fees In Uganda?

Here is how to get a sponsor in Uganda

Research potential sponsors. Look at your existing supporters.

Tell your organization’s story.

Provide sponsor incentives.

Reach out to established companies.

Use data to legitimize your pitch.

Find the right contact.

Build a connection over time.

Follow up.

How Do I Get Sponsors For My School Organization In Uganda?

Tips to Get Business Sponsors for Your School’s Field Day

Determine your fundraising goal. Before you start recruiting, you need to set a goal.

Form a team.

Brainstorm potential sponsors.

Create sponsorship packages.

Go get sponsors.

How Much Does It Cost To Sponsor A Child In Uganda?

You can bring the hope that comes only from Jesus Christ to a child in Uganda for just UGX 188744.35 a month.

Your Compassion sponsorship will provide the child you choose with: critical health care. healthful food, nutritional supplements and clean water.

Where Can I Ask For Sponsorship In Uganda?

The following industries are all good ones to focus your sponsorship efforts on:



Grocery chains.

Insurance companies.

Food brands.

Beer brands.

Major retailers.


How Do I Find A Local Sponsor In Uganda?

Below is how to find a local sponsor in Uganda

Know who to ask. Use your inner circle to find the best leads to potential sponsors.

Learn how to make a pitch.

Know your talking points.

Be clear.

Be open.

Think big.

A “no” is not a rejection.

Build your relationship.