How To Buy Land In Uganda

What is Land?

Land, also called dry land, ground, or earth is the solid terrestrial surface of planet Earth that is not submerged by the ocean or another body of water.

Land makes up 29% of Earth’s surface and includes the continents and a variety of islands.

How To Buy Land In Uganda

The steps below will help you to buy land in Uganda

Site Visit to the Land/Property

Appoint a Lawyer to help you through the whole process.

Land Title Search in the Land Registry Office

Meet the Owner and Negotiate Prices.

Use a Professional Surveyor to Verify the Land Size

Preparation of the Sale Agreement

Payment of land rates

Transfer Documents and Consent to transfer (land title transfer forms in Uganda)

Property Valuation

Stamp Duty Payment

Registration of Transfer

Final Payment and exchange of Completion Documents

How long does it take to get a land title in Uganda?

The Applicant checks with the Department of Land Administration after 10 working days to confirm their approval or rejection.

Once approved, the documents are forwarded to the Department of Land Registration for issuance of a Freehold Land Title.

The applicant checks after 20 working days.

Can a foreigner buy land in Uganda?

Simply put, foreigners can buy and own land in Uganda but only under a leasehold land tenure system. A foreigner can acquire leases of land from the Ugandan Government in accordance with the laws prescribed by the parliament.

The government grants leases on government-owned land through district land boards.