How To Apply For Uganda Visa

What is Visa?

A visa is a conditional authorization granted by a polity to a foreigner that allows them to enter, remain within, or leave its territory.

How To Apply For Uganda Visa

Fill Online Visa Application

The first step in the Uganda visa online application is to fill your contact details followed by Uganda online application form. Online via the only official Uganda E-Visa website: .

Upload required Documents

After filling the application form, you need to upload a scanned copy of your documents. Based on the exact purpose of the visit, there are different Uganda e visa documents you will need to submit. 

Pay the Fees Online

To submit your application, you must proceed to pay the Uganda e visa fees. You can pay the fees using a Debit/Credit card. 

How long does it take for Uganda visa to be approved?

Once you submit your application and pay the visa fee, an Immigration Officer will review the application and decide whether to accept your application.

This takes 2-3 business days.

What documents do I need for Uganda visa?

Travelers interested in a tourist or business visa need their passport, passport photo, a visa application form, proof of travel,

a letter of invitation, and a business letter in order to obtain their visa.

Is it hard to get a visa for Uganda?

It is easy to go through, and you can get your Uganda visa in as little as 3 Business Days.

All that is made possible by e Visa, a visa expediting company that will spare you the bureaucratic hassle you get at the embassy.