How Many Eggs Are In A Tray In Uganda

What is a Tray?

A flat, shallow container with a raised rim, typically used for carrying food and drink, or for holding small items or loose material.

How Many Eggs Are In A Tray In Uganda

Usually, the standard egg tray carries 36 eggs.

How much is a tray of eggs in Uganda?

The retail price range in Uganda Shilling for eggs is between UGX 3846.15 and UGX 7692.31 per kilogram 

or between UGX 1744.29 and UGX 3488.57 per pound(lb) in Kampala and Jinja.

What are the different types of egg trays?

Egg cartons come in three egg-citing flavors: pulp, foam, and plastic.

What should be the standard size of a Tray?

The standard size for a rectangular tray is 18 inches by 12 inches.