Historical Background of IHSU Uganda

Historical Background of IHSU Uganda

The International Health Sciences University (IHSU) in Uganda is a niche University that is licensed by the Uganda National Council for Higher Education (NCHE [UI.PL 013]).

IHSU is a non-residential university offering health sciences courses and grooms students to become tomorrow’s leaders in the provision and management of health services nationally and internationally.

IHSU is currently situated on the third floor at International Hospital Kampala. The first school, the School of Nursing, was established in 2005 with 16 diploma students.

The primary goal of the school was to rethink, refresh, and make a difference to the way new and professional nurses were being educated in Uganda. In March of 2008, the school received its provisional licence to operate as a university and effectively expanded its programming to include baccalaureate education in Nursing, Public Health, Allied Health, and Continuing Healthcare training.

The Clarke family have lived in Uganda for over thirty years, during which time they have been committed to the development of their adopted homeland.

The vision of the Clarke family is to impact Uganda through sustainable development. Over the years they have provided thousands of jobs in their various enterprises, and recognise the need for a values-based practical education as a foundation for employment.