Gulu University Freshers Orientation 2019 – 2020

Gulu University Freshers Orientation 2019 – 2020

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Welcome to Gulu University (GU). Our goal is to provide you with resources that help enrich both the student experience and campus life here at GU. The Dean of Students’ Department is home to several services on campus, including Residence Life, Spiritual Life, Student Engagement and Guidance and Counseling Services. Each of these services plays a key role in providing you with everything you need to find academic success while enjoying the comforts of our campus community. We also host Orientation Week and Fresher’s Ball as some of our biggest events of the year! During orientation week, we kick off the start of the academic year with events on campus that help welcome all students, new and returning, to campus.

As a new student, you really don’t want to miss orientation activities since it helps you get your way around the campus socially, academically and spiritually with ease! Otherwise, you might struggle, among others, to find a lecture room for a particular course and end up missing the formative academic activities of your programme!  You may also fail to sit for exams because you would not have known what to do before going to an examination room! We hope we can provide you with everything you need to immerse yourself in Campus Life and enjoy a full campus experience!

Orientation is one of the most important university programmes to be attended by every first year student. During this week, the office of the Dean of Students and the Guild Government use it to welcome and provide a caring environment to the first year students. We ask all first year students to attend orientation to cover topical issues on:

  • Welfare, security and accommodation of students in the University
  • Students’ clubs and associations
  • Guild administration and leadership
  • Students’ spiritual life in the University
  • Students’ joining instructions, registration and change of programme
  • Library services
  • University organs and administration
  • Functions of Lower Local Government – provision of security, and social services to students
  • Academic programmes at respective faculties and institutes.