Busoga University Library

Busoga University Library

The mission of Busoga University library is to facilitate people of various categories, particularly but not exclusively those from Busoga University community to read and search for information.

It therefore has a vision of becoming a modern information centre that will provide reading facilities with resources, capacity and convenience that can match Busoga University and other local people’s learning and information needs.

Busoga University library is set up in the following ways;

Main library, which has got collection of reading materials of all the courses offered in the university.

  • Law library
  • School of health sciences library
  • Mass communication library
  • Faculty of Education library

Busoga University library has got satellite libraries that are found at the various study centers and they are;

  • Jinja study centre library
  • Kamuli study centre library
  • Iganga Resource centre library
  • Kaliro study centre library
  • Pallisa study centre library
  • Bugiri study centre library

Busoga University library is headed by a University librarian, who is the overall supervisor of all the the library operations.

Below him are the following;

  1. Sen.Ass.Librarian in charge of library machinery, like binding and photocopying machines
  2. Princ.Ass.Librarian in charge of organization, development and management of the periodical section in the library.
  3. Tech.Ass.Librarian in charge of creating, developing and maintaining the library data bases, Electronic resources and computers.
  4. Ass.Librarian in charge of the Satellite libraries.
  5. Below these are library assistants, who are in charge of the general duties of the library.

Busoga University library has a total of 70,000 reading materials of which;

  • 62,000 are text books
  • 5,000 are periodicals
  • 3,000 are electronic reading materials

And out of the 70,000 there are 50,000 titles.


  • Periodicals are obtained through subscribing to The Consortium of Uganda University Libraries (CUUL).
  • Donations for instance Beaverton Rotary International
  • Busoga University Diocese.

These are obtained from the;

  • Emerald databases
  • Ajol databases

The library is connected to the internet, with 10 connected computers