Bugema University International Students Admissions

Bugema University International Students Admissions

International students may be admitted if they hold either comparable certification or university admission status in their own country.

If you come from a country where the system of education does not have an A-level system; for example, Kenya , you will be required to undergo a two-semester intensive course called Pre-degree Program qualifying you to enter university degree programs.

This is in keeping with the laws of the Ministry of Education and Sports in Uganda . This means that if you have an A-level certificate, you will complete your Bachelors degree in three years, depending on suggested course schedules specified by various schools. If you are an international student with an O-level certificate, you will take a minimum of two extra semesters of intensive study to fulfill the requirements of admission to a Bachelors degree.

The Admissions Committee will evaluate the applicant, and if successful, he/she will be invited to sit for the mature entrance examination administered by Bugema University. A letter of admission will then be issued to only those who pass the examination.

Mode of Instruction

While lectures are considered the primary mode of instruction, the university recognizes that students have different learning styles and need to experience other learning environments. Each lecture class involves at least one other type of learning environment, and credit is awarded on the basis of attendance and performance in either tutorial or practical learning experiences, or both.

Tutorial sessions, are semi-structured, in which students are invited to engage in the material of the course through other means, such as discussion, debate, group study, problem solving and projects. Practicals often involve hands-on experiences in science or computer laboratories or some other practical setting. Other courses may be entirely practical and have no lecture component, such as industrial attachment or teaching practice. In addition, each degree program requires independent research under the supervision of an individual faculty member as a capstone to the degree.