Board of UNEB [The Policy Making Body]

The Board is the policy making body. It is headed by a Chairperson who is appointed by the President.
Board members are drawn from various disciplines and comprise the following

  1. Director of Basic and Secondary Education in the Ministry of Education and Sports
  2. Director of Education Standards Agency
  3. Vice Chancellors of public universities
  4. Four nominees of secondary school headteachers’ association
  5. A head of a technical institute
  6. Four heads of primary schools
  7. A nominee of the association of Principals of primary teachers’ colleges
  8. A Director of a National Teachers’ College
  9. A principal of a Technical Institute
  10. A Principal of a College of Commerce
  11. A head of an agricultural institution
  12. Director of the National Curriculum Centre
  13. A representative of the Public Service Commission
  14. A representative of the Teaching Service Commission
  15. Two representatives of private universities
  16. Three representatives of the public

Committees of the Board

  1. Finance and General Purposes Committee
  2. Primary Leaving Examinations Committee
  3. Secondary School Examinations Committee
  4. Examinations Research Committee

Section (8)(g) of the Act provides for establishment of other committees that the Board may consider necessary.
Under this provision, the following committees came into being:

  • Appointments and Disciplinary Committee
  • Examinations Security Committee
  • National Assessment of Progress in Education Advisory Committee
  • Continuous Assessment Advisory Committee
  • Audit Committee

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