Best Bait For Catfish In Uganda

What is Bait?

food placed on a hook or in a net, trap, or fishing area to entice fish or other animals as prey.

Best Bait For Catfish In Uganda

Meat and Dead baits.

This is a delicacy for the catfish and if you are anywhere in East Africa wanting to catch catfish then don’t worry as they are highly attracted by

the flavored of the beef however ensures that the meat is fresh and not preserved with chemicals as this can become a problem to aquatic Life.

What live bait do you use for catfish?

You can use almost any bait imaginable to entice a catfish everything from grocery-store offerings like 

chicken liver, hot dogs, and shrimp to homemade stink baits, dead fish, and even lures like jigs and crankbaits. Obviously, there are lots of options for catfish baits.