Best Architecture Firms In Uganda

What is an Architecture Firm?

An architectural firm or architecture firm is a business that employs one or more licensed architects and practices the profession of architecture.

Best Architecture Firms In Uganda

13 Creations Studio Limited.

Angiletti Design Studio.

Arch Design Limited.

ArchForum Ltd.

Creations Consult Africa Limited.

dream architects ug.

Eco-Mice Uganda [Landscape Architecture].

FBW Architects and Engineers.

What architecture firm pays the best?

How many architects are in Uganda?

The country has more than 500 town councils, more than 100 districts, more than 30 municipal councils, and 10 cities and all these should have building

control committees that must have an architect on them but we have been told the country has only over 200 architects.

Who is the best architect in Uganda?

Real Civil And Building Engineer /Plumbers Limited.

Luwemba Phillip.

Doa Architectural Consults Limited.

Royal Design Associates. architect.


Jay Interiors.

Kiggundu & Partners.

How do I become an architect in Uganda?

Bachelor of Architecture

Ordinary Diploma in Architecture

National Diploma in Architecture

Bachelor of Architecture

National Diploma in Architecture

Are architects in demand in Uganda?

“The country has only 270 qualified and registered architects but the law requires that every district and local government entity must have an architect. 

Shortage of architects is not good news to the housing sector,” explains Robert Kigundu, the ARB chairperson.

How much do architects earn in Uganda?

An Architect working in Kampala will typically earn around 42,000,700 UGX per year, and this can range from the lowest average salary of about 20,999,200 UGX to the highest average salary of 65,041,800 UGX.