Best Affordable Safari Lodges In Uganda

What is a Safari Lodge?

A safari lodge is a type of tourist accommodation in southern and eastern Africa.

Lodges are mainly used by tourists on wildlife safaris and are typically located in or near national parks or game reserves. 

Best Affordable Safari Lodges In Uganda

How much does a safari in Uganda cost?

The average Cost of Safari in Uganda is UGX 200 per person per day. Permit to see the gorillas of Uganda costs UGX 700 per person per day.

The cost of a golden monkey permit in Uganda is UGX 60 per person per hour. Budget or cheap Safari accommodation is UGX 100 per night.

What is the difference between a safari and a lodge?

Safari Lodge, The primary differences between a safari camp and a safari lodge tend to be size (lodges, in general, are bigger),

the presence of amenities (like electricity, air-conditioning, and hair dryers), and of course, four solid walls around you.

What is the best month to go on Safari In Uganda?

The best time to visit Uganda is between June to August and December to February, which is during the Dry seasons.

Wildlife viewing is at its peak. Primate walks in the forest are a big part of any safari in Uganda.

How many days is good for Safari In Uganda?

However, one week or more is perfect for a comprehensive Uganda safari to relish the experiences in top National Parks, Reserves, and regions.

If you can spare only two to three days for the Uganda safari, you will have a real marathon to realize the true meaning of the word “Pearl of Africa”.