Arua School of Nursing E Learning

Arua School of Nursing E Learning

Leading in Health Systems Strengthening


Strengthening the health system is at the core of Africa’s reform agenda. This certificate course particularly responds to the need for leading health managers and advisors to push this reform agenda to the next level. The course is anchored on evidence based and peer recognized best practices from the global healthcare practice, and adapted to the local context.

Leading in Health Systems Strengthening (eHSS) programme is competency based, and the modules are organized in a logical and sequential order on competency domains to facilitate the process of learning. The competency domains range from policy and legal foundations of healthcare; planning for health service delivery; leadership for health service delivery; management for health service delivery and monitoring and evaluation of health service delivery.  Each student is required to take all the five modules in order to gain full benefit of the course. This requires close support and supervision by experienced health systems strengthening faculty and mentors.

The course will enable you to optimize your abilities to transform and strengthen healthcare service delivery, by improving their management & leadership knowledge and skills. It will also empower you with insights and skills to effectively and efficiently deploy scarce resources and improve team performance and facilitate you to champion sustainable healthcare transformation, to inspire others and lead lasting health change

The course is structured in the following five (5) modules as outlined below:

Course Pre-Test

Module 1: Foundations of Health Systems in Kenya.

Module 2: Planning for Health Service Delivery

Module 3: Leadership for Health Service Delivery

Module 4: Management of Health Service Delivery

Module 5: Monitoring and Evaluation for Health Service Delivery

Course Post-Test

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