Africa Renewal University Student Web

Africa Renewal University Student Web

ALL STUDENTS MUST REGISTER ONLINE, failure to do so will lead to termination of your semester. PLEASE NOTE: Without this registration, you will not be considered as having been on session for this semester. Kindly follow these instructions to finish your online registration process

1. LOGIN USING either your ID or REG NO. 2. There are three tabs on the LEFT Side of your window #Student Inquiry #Student Entry #System Administration Your registration window is under Student Entry.

CHOOSE REGISTRATION 3. To be able to register, Please choose from the Provided Values. ENSURE that you select and COMPLETE the right option for the semester you are studying this September through December 2016.

4. SELECT THE PROGRESS as NORMAL for Normal Progress of the regular semester. 5. Choose from the Available subjects and Select all that you are studying and, use the arrow to cross them over to the tab ‘Subjects Selected’ 6. After you’ve finished selecting all subjects, PLEASE Click SAVE

7. Under the Tab ‘STUDENT INQUIRY’, Click on ‘View Financial Statement’ and Carefully Read and Understand your statement before you visit the finance office. If there are any discrepancies/ misstatements/ errors/ kindly review before considering a reconciliation with the finance officer.

8. Visit the finance office to make payments and COMPLETE your registration process. Failure to do so leads to cancellation of your registration.


Please note that bank charge for DFCU has changed to 2,300shs.



1. Every student is expected to pay for National council fees depending on the length of the course i.e. Bachelors students are expected to pay for 3 years, Diploma students are expected to pay for 2 years Certificate students are expected to pay for 1 year. Note: Payment of 20,000shs should be made for each year of study and should be made directly to the STANBIC BANK UGANDA LIMITED account for National Council of Higher Education. Payments for this fee can be made from all branches and the slips are availed within the bank (STANBIC BANK UGANDA LIMITED).

2. After making the payments for National council of Higher Education, please bring a copy of the slips to Finance to provide evidence for the payments made.

3. You are also advised to keep a copy of the National council of Higher Education payment slip in order to avoid double payment just in case the University claims that it never received it’s copy. 3. Please ensure that the payment is made by the second semester of every year of your study in order to allow you sit for your second semester exams in that particular year.

4. Please note that no student will be allowed to graduate without completing payment for National council of Higher Education fees as explained above. Stay Blessed Quote: With God all things are possible (Mathew 19:26). So trust God in all your endeavors as you peruse your course at AFRICA RENEWAL UNIVERSITY.