Makerere University Releases Academic Calendar and Programme for Semester 2

By | June 1, 2022

Makerere University has released the 2021/2022 Semester two study calendar—which will begin on Monday, May 30 2022.

In a circular released this week, the Dean of Students at Makerere University, Ms. Winifred Kabumbuli noted that all Halls of Residence will be opened to Resident students on Saturday May 28th 2022 starting from 9:00am.

“All students are reminded and encouraged to register with the office of the Warden in their respective Halls of Residence/Attachment,” Kabumbuli stated, noting that accurate information is an asset in solving many human issues that may arise during students stay on Campus and thereafter.

Kabumbuli also urged students to properly register with their School/College Registrar for the courses they are going to offer this semester to avoid any inconveniences.

During this semester, Makerere University will elect the 88th Guild leadership and the dean of students encouraged all those interested in positions of leadership to plan accordingly.

Kabumbuli also encouraged students and their benefactors to settle University fees as soon as possible to allow them settle and concentrate on redeeming their academic record.

“If you have brought tuition and fees with you, make sure all moneys are deposited on the University accounts for your safety and security.”

On accommodation, Kabumbuli said that all the non-resident students are expected to have contacted private hostels and renewed accommodation for themselves.

She said government students, who are non-residents, will be paid Living-out Allowances to assist them off set part of the cost of accommodation in the private hostels.

“All private Resident students are required to pay UGX 247,058 (Two hundred and forty seven thousand, fifty eight shillings only) for the 14 weeks before accessing the Halls”.

Food Allowances for Government Students
All Government sponsored students (both Resident & Non-Residents) will be paid food and Living out allowances at the beginning of the semester through their personal bank accounts,” she said.

” Every Government student must have an active bank account in their own registered names. All first year Students who did not submit their account numbers last Semester should submit them to the Wardens of their respective Halls of attachment on arrival to enable management process all their Allowances for the two semesters.”