Uganda school Academic Calendar will be on Wednesday

By | December 13, 2021

Govt to release school academic calendar on Wednesday

Education Minister Janet Museveni during a recent press address

Education Minister Janet Museveni during a recent press address (PHOTO/File)

As schools gear up for reopening next month, the Government is set to release the school and institutions calendar for 2022.

The Ministry of Education and Sports spokesperson, Denis Mugimba, has revealed that the academic calendar has already been designed in line with the recent presidential address.

During his address, President Yoweri Museveni announced the projected full reopening of the economy in January next year, other factors remaining constant.

The schools’ annual academic calendar will also have guidelines to be followed to avoid compromising the standards operating procedures.

Schools were among the vital institutions which were closed in March 2020, following the outbreak of COVID-19 and there were several queries regarding reopening after close to two years.

“The education minister, who is also the First Lady, Mrs Janet Museveni, will release the school calendar by way of a debriefing on Wednesday next week,” Mugimba said during a press conference at the Uganda Media Centre.

Mugimba noted that the ministry has made several interventions to ensure safe reopening of schools.

Special needs covered

The commissioner in charge of special needs and inclusive education at the education ministry, Sarah Bugoosi Kibooli, said efforts have been made by the Government to ensure the education of pupils with special needs, including orphans and street children. Kibooli said at primary level, the Government supports 7,682 pupils and 115 at secondary level.

This is in addition to scholarships offered to over 24 students falling under this category every year.

“We want all children of school-going age to be in school and we have made several interventions to achieve this such as construction of Wakiso and Mbale schools for the deaf.

Our target is to have more special needs schools to ensure that education of pupils with special needs is not compromised,” Kibooli said.

Edison Byaruhanga from Norwegian Association in Uganda promised to work with the education ministry to ensure the education for all categories of learners in the country is catered for.

Several reports suggest that an unspecified number of girls have been impregnated, while many boys are engaged in odd jobs following the lockdown, and it could be difficult to have them back to school.

Mugimba, however, said having all learners back to school requires efforts of both the Government and the parents.

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