List of Best Schools in PLE Results

By | July 29, 2021

Batamuriza Judith, a 14-year-old girl from Nansana Municipality who has studied at Bridge School Yesu Amala for 6 years (PHOTO /Courtesy)

The Uganda National Examinations Board (Uneb) has registered improved performance in this year’s Primary Leaving Examinations (PLE) results despite disruptions in the education calendar due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

At least 749,761 candidates from 14,300 centres registered for PLE in 2022 compared to 695,804 in 2023. Of these, 513,085 (68.4 per cent) candidates were UPE beneficiaries and 236, 677 (31.6 per cent) were candidates from private schools.

The 2020 examinations also brought together more than 30,000 examination supervisors and invigilators and about 6,000 examiners, checkers and adjudicators, and other temporary staff at the 12 examiners marking venues.

While releasing the results at Statehouse in Entebbe today Friday, Uneb executive secretary, Dan N. Odongo, noted an increase in candidature by 53,957 (7.75 per cent), the highest rate of increase recorded. Candidature has been increasing by an average of 2.5 per cent over the last five years.

Here is a list of best-performing schools per district in 2023 PLE Results ranked by a number of candidates in Division out of a total number of registered candidates in the school.

No.SchoolDistrictDiv 1Div 2Div3Div 4
1St. Savio Kisubi Primary SchoolWakiso137
2Uganda Martyrs Katwe Primary SchoolMasaka M/C130
3Namiryango Junior Boys Primary SchoolMukono M/C127
4Kisosso Parents Primary SchoolLwengo100
5Banyaterezas Golden Mem. Primary SchoolFortportal M/C86
6Mbale Tower Primary SchoolMbale M/C66
7Njara Primary SchoolFortportal M/C52
8Ntandi Sda Integrated Primary SchoolBundibugyo48
9Parental Care Primary SchoolBushenyi M/C47
10Sir Apollo Kaggwa Primary School, KisaasiKampala43
11Kayomba Memorial Parents Primary SchoolKyankwanzi39
12Kids Gear Primary SchoolBukomansimbi35
13Cosna Primary SchoolMityana M/C32
14Kiryandongo Intensive Primary SchoolKiryandongo30
15Five Star Model SchoolKasese M/C26
16Canaan Day Model Primary SchoolHoima Main24
17Namutumba Junior SchoolNamutumba22
18Mitooma Junior Primary SchoolMitooma22
19Ntungamo Parents SchoolKanungu20
20Paragon Parents SchoolKyegegwa19
21Brain Trust Primary SchoolRukungiri Main17
22St.Mark Memorial Primary SchoolKasese Main10
23New Eden Primary SchoolMityana M/C1
24Fairways Primary School,Kireka – KamuliKira M/C661
25Glorious Primary SchoolKampala641
26Kasaana Junior SchoolMasaka Main621
27Parental Care SchoolKasese M/C531
28K.Y Day And Boarding Primary SchoolMasaka M/C1032
29Christ Aid Primary School, FortportalKabarole501
30St.Clelia Primary SchoolRukiga491
31Visionary Junior Primary School,KakindoSheema Main471
32Kampala Model Primary SchoolKampala451
33Esteem Junior School,WakisoWakiso441
34Nabbunga Fountains Of EducationKyotera822
35Fainaz Junior SchoolWakiso351
36Babiito Primary SchoolBukomansimbi351
37Brilliant Star Primary SchoolNtungamo Main321
38St.Gracious Primary SchoolLira M/C592
39Kingo Parents Primary SchoolLwengo532
40Victory Border Point Primary SchoolTororo Main532
41Nkokonjeru Primary SchoolMbale M/C1305
42Nyakibare Parents Primary SchoolRukungiri M/C512
43Kyengera Parents Primary School,MugongoWakiso502
44Katerera Junior SchoolRubirizi251
45Nyakambu Junior SchoolSheema Main241
46Namhuga Primary SchoolKasese M/C231
47Cornerstone Junior SchoolMukono M/C1336
48Victory Learning Primary SchoolMasaka M/C1055
49Nyakateete Bright Future Primary SchoolMitooma392
50Endiinzi Parents Primary SchoolIsingiro382
51St.Francisco P.7 SchoolHoima M/C372
52St.Cecilia Brd. Primary School,BuyambaRakai1046
53Gateway Primary SchoolEntebbe513
54Good Hope Preparatory School,KayoroRubirizi322
55Bweranyangi Primary SchoolBushenyi M/C715
56Child Africa Junior School, KabaleKabale M/C282
57Horizon Primary SchoolKitgum M/C141
58Ishaka Preparatory SchoolBushenyi M/C272
59Bishop Asili Mem. Nursery Primary SchoolKabale M/C786
60Kings Primary School,KabowaKampala393
61Joy Primary SchoolKampala262
62Flobbeto Nursery And Primary SchoolHoima M/C867
63Kawuku Boarding Primary SchoolMukono Main494
64Green Circle Primary SchoolFortportal M/C726
65Rukungiri Modern Primary SchoolRukungiri M/C631
66Kabale Preparatory SchoolKabale M/C363
67Christian Foundation P/S,KaseseKasese M/C121
68Sir Apollo Kaggwa P/S NakaseroKampala1105
69Namagunga Primary Boarding SchMukono Main22019
70St.Jude Primary School KirekaKira M/C111
71Mbarara Junior SchoolMbarara M/C17416
72Excel Primary School,RwimiKabarole545
73Trinity Primary School(Kabowa)Kampala646
74Good Hope Primary SchoolNtungamo Main323
75Katabarwa Mem. Day & Brd Primary SchoolMbarara Main535
76Mother Manjeri Primary SchoolKira M/C25725
77Godfrey Foundation Primary SchoolMakindye Ssabagabo M/C808
78Junior Angels Model SchoolKasese Main202
79Ibanda Progressive Primary SchoolKasese Main202
80Kigumba Intensive Primary SchoolKiryandongo394
81Katooke Modern Day & Brd. Primary SchoolKyenjojo485
82Villa Road Primary SchoolMasaka M/C768
83St.Kizito P.7 SchoolLira M/C9410
84Entebbe Education Centre Primary SchoolEntebbe546
85St.Kizito Kyamulibwa Primary SchoolKalungu455
86St.Paul Junior SchoolMubende M/C364
87Rockford Primary SchoolWakiso91
88St.Mukasa SeminarySheema M/C708
89Kabojja Junior Primary SchoolKampala20524
90Nyakasanga Infant Primary SchoolKasese M/C344
91Vesca Primary School,BirereIsingiro172
92Cream Bakers Junior Primary SchoolLuweero597
93Kabingo Parents Primary SchoolIsingiro334
94Jit Primary SchoolMukono Main12315
95Kibedi Primary SchoolKampala243
96Riverside Academy Primary SchoolJinja Main162
97Ronnie Junior SchoolBukomansimbi314
98El-Shaddai Primary SchoolGulu M/C10614
99Kibiito Primary SchoolBunyangabu9813
100Kampala Quality Primary SchoolKampala999
101Vision Model Primary School,MpondweKasese Main223
102Kifampa Model Primary SchoolGomba223
103Light Star Primary SchoolKyenjojo365
104Namiryango Girls Primary SchoolMukono M/C8412
105Oxford Modern School,BiguliKamwenge639
106Mother Care Primary SchoolNtungamo M/C6910
107Kyenzaza Integrated Primary SchoolRubirizi416
108St.Agnes Girls Primary School NaggalamaMukono Main10215
109Homecare Primary School RwashamaireNtungamo Main477
110St.Agnes Centre For EducationMbarara M/C335
111Rubindi Preparatory SchoolMbarara Main264
112Bright Junior Wakiso Primary SchoolWakiso264
113Greenhill Primary School, BuwaateWakiso9615
114Step By Step Primary SchoolHoima M/C518
115St.Julie Model Primary SchoolKibaale193
116Gayaza Junior Primary SchoolWakiso14924
117King David Primary School,WattubaWakiso376
118Mugwanya Preparatory School KabojjaWakiso13522
119Global Junior SchoolMukono M/C20834
120Kisubi Boys Primary SchoolWakiso7913
121Hillside Primary SchoolKira M/C38764
122Lwemiyaga Junior Primary SchoolSsembabule244
123St.Abel Primary SchoolNjeru M/C7112
124St.Josephs Model Primary SchoolMbarara Main478
125Sunset Junior School,KawandaNansana M/C529
126Delight Primary SchoolWakiso407
127Juliana Junior School,GayazaWakiso519
128Bright Future,GayazaWakiso6712
129Bwanga Progressive Primary SchoolRukungiri Main448
130Bishop Mazzolid Primary SchoolKanungu224
131Pearl Junior SchoolBushenyi M/C8516
132Happy Years SchoolMasaka M/C428
133Creamland Junior SchoolMakindye Ssabagabo M/C5210
134Destiny Bridge Primary School,GombeWakiso265
135Lohana Primary SchoolKampala265
136Patience Primary School,KashenyiBushenyi M/C265
137Brilliant Primary SchoolSheema M/C5611
138St.Kagwa Boarding BushenyiBushenyi M/C15030
139Sir Apollo Kaggwa Primary School MengoKampala13117
140Denis Katumba Primary SchoolMityana M/C204
141Greater Horizons Educ CentreRakai581 2
142Fr.Alex Memorial Primary School,MaujjoMubende296
143Mivule Primary SchoolKampala5311
144Dez Junior Academy Primary SchoolSsembabule6714
145Bright Age Primary SchoolSheema Main337
146Blue Hope Primary SchoolNtungamo Main286
147Leos Junior Primary SchoolMasaka M/C17538
148Wagga Wagga Primary SchoolMbarara Main276
149Guild Primary SchoolBukedea409
150Humura Primary SchoolKyegegwa317
151Hormisdallen Mixed Day And BoardingKampala14633
152Dawn Prime AcademyIganga Main15034
153Kisiizi Primary SchoolMitooma4410
154Mount Galilee Primary SchoolNjeru M/C225
155Hormisdallen Primary School, GayazaWakiso235421
156Lira Central Primary SchoolLira M/C12228
157Gombe Junior SchoolWakiso5613
158Little Muheji Primary School,NansanaNansana M/C108231
159Victorious Primary SchoolKampala15436
160St.Johns Yerya Primary SchoolBunyangabu7718
161Margherita Primary SchoolKasese M/C6415
162Mukono Junior Primary School TtakajungeMukono Main348
163Auntie Agnes Infant P/S,MiteteSsembabule389
164Rwanja Parents Primary SchoolMitooma297
165Mannya P.7 SchoolRakai6917
166Bishop Ddungu Boarding Primary SchoolLwengo7318
167St.Theresa Kisubi Girls Primary SchoolWakiso9724
168Royal Primary School,BbungaMityana Main8421
169Standard Junior,NtungamoNtungamo M/C328
170St.Josephs Preparatory Primary SchoolSheema Main287
171Bishops Primary School KinkiziKanungu287
172Kayengo Primary SchoolBushenyi Main205
173Kasese Moslem Primary SchoolKasese M/C123
174One Heart Junior SchoolLuweero123
175Namirembe Parents Primary SchoolKampala1653611
176Bunga Primary SchoolKampala5514
177St. Bernadette Nakibizzi Primary SchoolNjeru M/C7419
178Elyon Primary SchoolKampala277
179Makindye Junior SchoolKampala277
180Global View Preparatory Primary SchoolKitgum M/C277
181Kabale Quality Primary SchoolKabale M/C7720
182Little Angels Primary SchoolNtungamo M/C5715
183Entebbe Junior Primary SchoolEntebbe5615
184Seeta Junior School,MbalalaMukono Main9325
185Sancta Maria Preparatory SchoolKampala4813
186Buyinja Primary SchoolWakiso5515
187Bright Parents Junior SchoolMbale M/C339
188Bukiga Primary SchoolBududa226
189Kasozi Junior SchoolMakindye Ssabagabo M/C298
190Mabira Parents Primary SchoolMbarara Main257
191Sacred Heart Primary School,KyamusansalaKalungu8223
192Fundamental Primary SchoolKibuku329
193Bushenyi Parents Primary SchoolBushenyi M/C3911
194Happy Hours Primary SchoolKampala3911
195Kelben Unique Junior School,MbararaMbarara M/C216
196Bwanda St.Thereza Primary SchoolKalungu3811
197Mandela Junior Primary SchoolMbarara M/C345
198Kwagalakwe Primary SchoolMukono M/C6519
199Grammer Rimary School KanyampumoNtungamo Main175
200Good Foundation Primary SchoolMasaka M/C81221
201St.Peters Junior School,KatookeNansana M/C335
202Global Vine SchoolKasese Main3310
203Achievers Junior SchoolWakiso4614
204Grace Primary School,LusanjaWakiso237
205Mother Ludia Primary SchoolGulu M/C5918
206Kamengo Grammar Primary SchoolMpigi3881
207Joshua Primary School,BungokhoMbale Main3912
208Hormisdallen Kirinnya Primary SchoolKira M/C6821
209Elgon Junior Christian SchoolSironko299
210St.Joseph Pilot SchoolKampala3210
211Talent Primary SchoolNamayingo3812
212Jack And Jill Primary SchoolKabale Main6
213St.Francis Xavier Primary SchoolRubanda258
214Aunt Jolly Primary School KisiiziRukungiri Main258
215Ssedde Junior AcademySsembabule3411
216Kigulu Girls Primary SchoolIganga Main7725
217Cleveland Hill Primary SchoolKampala4916
218St.Maria Goretti Primary SchoolKabale M/C6020
219Kazo Junior Primary SchoolNansana M/C5413
220Junior Seminary Nswanjere Primary SchoolMpigi3010
221Victorious Preparatory SchoolKabale Main305
222Quality Education Primary SchoolKagadi279
223Gospel Valley Primary SchoolKayunga248
224Good Hope Nabulagala Primary SchoolKampala186
225Uadda Junior SchoolMakindye Ssabagabo M/C62
226Nyankwanzi Primary SchoolKyenjojo62
227Ibanda Town Primary SchoolIbanda M/C6221
228Lady Bird Matugga Primary SchoolNansana M/C238
229Sir.Andrew Primary School,AruaArua M/C238
230Sir Apollo Kaggwa Road Primary SchoolKampala14049
231Kampala Parents SchoolKampala172541
232Kazo Summit Primary SchoolNansana M/C102291
233Gods Grace Primary SchoolHoima M/C145
234Kamuli Mixed Happy Hours Primary SchoolKamuli M/C5319
235Green Hill AcademyKampala1966011
236Iganga Victory Primary SchoolIganga M/C228
237Bright Angels Junior SchoolWakiso228
238St.Joseph Primary School,BusukumaNansana M/C228
239St.Aloysious Kyamulibwa Primary SchKalungu228
240Vic View Primary SchoolJinja Main3011
241Queens And Kings Primary SchoolKoboko Main4918
242Little Stars Tenderness Primary SchoolKampala197
243St.Agapto Day & Boarding Primary SchoolMasaka M/C197
244Umar B.A. Islamic CentreMukono M/C10333
245Mother Kevin Memorial Primary SchoolKampala6223
246Winston Primary SchoolKampala7026
247Namugongo Girls Primary SchoolKira M/C15257
248St.Angella Primary SchoolKampala5621
249St.Mbaga Primary School,NyakigumbaKabarole358
250Kyazanga Modern Primary SchoolLwengo249
251Allied Primary School ButeraniroMbarara Main166
252Star Primary SchoolMakindye Ssabagabo M/C4517
253Green Valley Primary SchoolSheema Main39102
254St.Paul Primary School IgororaIbanda Main4919
255New Foundation Primary SchoolKabale M/C187
256Kibuuka Mixed Nansana Primary SchoolNansana M/C6425
257Centenary Standard Primary SchoolMbarara M/C2811
258Hope Primary SchoolKabarole2811
259Summit Primary School,NjeruNjeru M/C2811
260Namugongo Model Primary SchoolKira M/C3313
261The Bright Day&Boarding SchoolKampala4317
262Nkinga Primary SchoolMitooma4819
263Truth Primary SchoolLira2510
264Mbarara Municipal C SchoolMbarara M/C2801101
265Toggo Children CentreNakaseke3213
266St.Paul Kitgum Italy Primary SchoolKitgum M/C177
267Ijumo Premier Primary SchoolMitooma177
268Mbarara Preparatory SchoolMbarara M/C51121
269Kitooro Hill View Primary SchoolLwengo3615
270Kasojo Preparatory School,HimaKasese Main276
271Denis CentreMityana Main125
272Rukanja Primary SchoolMbarara Main3816
273Hopebel Primary SchoolMbarara Main198
274Joykim Christian Primary SchoolKumi M/C6628
275Kyengera Parents Primary SchoolWakiso6829
276Rwebiita Preparatory SchoolSheema M/C219
277Golden Berry Primary School,MbalwaKira M/C146
278St.Benedict Grade SchoolJinja Main3716
279East View Junior School,MusitaMayuge2310
280St.Anthony Kajjansi Primary SchoolWakiso13147
281Nippon Nursery And Primary SchoolMakindye Ssabagabo M/C2511
282Kitabi Girlspri mary SchoolBushenyi Main2511
283Bishop Mcallister Anglican SeminarySheema M/C2511
284St.Kizito Preparatory SeminaryMbarara M/C4319
285All Saints Junior SchoolMukono Main67252
286Kampala Junior Kitante Primary SchoolKampala9342
287Mitooma Central SchoolMitooma3410
288Mpumbu Primary SchoolKabarole3410
289Kampala AcademyKampala4822
290Mantle Day & Boarding Primary SchoolLira M/C8740
291Joy Christian Primary SchoolKumi Main5224
292Entebbe Modern Primary SchoolEntebbe157
293St.Daniel Comboni Primary SchoolKotido M/C3416
294Paul Mukasa Primary SchoolMukono M/C3416
295Bright Future School,MbararaMbarara Main178
296Super Primary SchoolBundibugyo178
297St.Regina Primary SchoolKayunga178
298St.John Paul Mugwanya ComplexMasaka M/C37151
299Maama Junior School,MalabaTororo Main3818
300Vision For Africa Primary School,Kikondo