Uganda Management Institute PHD In Management And Administration

By | June 22, 2021


With the world’s increasingly complex problems and resource limitations, there is dire need for scholars who are qualified both to train the next generation of professionals for the public service and to expand society’s store of knowledge about management and administration. Society therefore needs critical minds trained at advanced level with skills and competencies in creating new knowledge and in analyzing the environment in which management and administration take place. The PhD in Management and Administration is designed to train such teachers and researchers as well as practitioners with broad knowledge, competencies and skills in management and administration. The programme is interdisciplinary in its focus especially in the teaching/coursework component.


Master’s degree or equivalent from a recognized university in a related field, with sufficiently high grades and proven research ability.

Passing of a pre-entry examination

 Applications should include the following documents:

 Two passport size Photographs

Clear copy of passport and or any other valid identification

English language skill certificates or demonstration that one has had all prior education in English

Officially certified copies of academic transcripts (Undergraduate, Graduate, and Postgraduate). Certified English translation of transcripts, if printed in another language other than English should be provided.

An up-to-date curriculum vitae

A statement of purpose (maximum 1000 words)

Two letters of reference (one preferably academic) printed on letter head and signed.

Passing of a pre-entry examination


University lecturers who would like to pursue a PhD degree in Administration and Management;

Lecturers of administrative and management sciences in other tertiary institutions;

Research fellows in management sciences

Top level managers of the public and private sectors who are desirous of acquiring a PhD in management and administration.


Participants shall be expected to have a total of 82 units (50 units will be for coursework and 32 units for the dissertation), obtained by studying and passing examinations in Basic Modules (5 specific for the PhD, 4 specialized, 1 research seminar and 3 Elective Modules). The specializations shall include:

Public Administration

Business Administration

Educational Management and Administration

Public Procurement To complete a PhD, each participant must present results from their research to the faculty in form of a dissertation.

Duration: 3 years (completed within 5 years)

Tuition: 10,397,635 per year

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