Vine International Academy Tuition & Other Fees

By | August 18, 2020


Fees structure

We offer affordable Cambridge education. Our fees are calculated based on a number of factors including your child’s year group and the resources they’ll need to thrive. Currently our school fees structure is as tabulated below:

Registration Fees

Primary School250,00080
Development Fee600,000200

Note: These fees are payable the first time a child is admitted.

Termly Tuition

Year 11,790,000490
Year 21,850,000505
Year 31,960,000540
Year 42,080,000570
Year 52,200,000600
Year 62,360,000640
Year 72,500,000680
Year 82,640,000720
Year 92,780,000760

Other Fees

Stationery Pack50,00020
Computer Programming*200

Important Information

We work with our parents to make the payment process as convenient as possible. All payments are made through the bank. You can visit the school administration office to get a fee payment slip.

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All fees are to be paid before the start of each term.

Late Payements

If for any reason you feel you may not be able to complete a payment by the time it’s due, it’s essential you contact the school immediately to discuss and resolve the matter.

We rely on the cooperation of parents and guardians to keep Orel-Vine International Academy performing to the very highest standard. Therefore it’s on this note that you are requested to pay a 5% surcharge of the outstanding amount in case of late payment.

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Mid-term Enrolment

If your child is going to join part way through a term, we will calculate your fees accordingly. We will work out your rate based on how many full weeks are left in the term.


Tuition fees, after payment has been made, are non-refundable.

Transport Fee

This service is not covered by the school fees and the fare is dependent on the child’s place of residence. More details on the transport fair can be obtained from the admission office.


Fees are inclusive of all meals.

Rates and Currency

Fees are payable either in USD or UGX apart from Computer Programming fees payable in USD only.

The fees in dollars are subject to change based on prevailing exchange rates.

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