Kyambogo University researches in Nano Technology

By | October 16, 2019

Kyambogo University, Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering set to start research in Nano Technology

Prof. Richard Fu giving a keynote address on “Smart materials, smart microsystems and nanotechnology, for a smart world”.

The department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Kyambogo University is set to start research in the field of nanotechnology.  This was revealed during the IEEE Student Professional Awareness Conference (SPAC19) which was held at the University on 3rd September 2019. At the conference Prof Richard Fu from the Department of Mathematics, Physics and Electrical Engineering at Northumbria University, UK gave a keynote address on “Smart materials, smart microsystems and nanotechnology, for a smart world”.

Smart materials can respond to external stimuli by automatically changing their physical, electrical, chemical or mechanical signals, all of which can realize various functions of sensing and actuation. They can be further processed into smart micro- and nano-systems using micro-engineering and nanotechnology for various applications in our daily life. In his talk Prof. Richard introduced his innovative ideas using smart thin films and nanomaterials for making microgrippers, microvalves, microsensors, and microfluidics for biosensing, microsurgery, and biomedical and tissue/cell applications. His presentation mainly focused on piezoelectric thin film materials for biosensing, particle/cell concentrating and sorting, and tissue engineering; shape memory thin films and shape memory polymer for microsurgery, drug delivery and microstate applications and nanostructured smart materials for various industry sensing and renewable energy applications. Prof. Richard expressed his willingness to work with Kyambogo University to promote research in the field of nanotechnology.

Ms. Rebecca Mayanja represented the Executive Director of UCC

The conference was also attended by Ms. Rebecca Mayanja who represented the Executive Director of Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) who retaliated the commitment of UCC to work with Universities. She talked about the various opportunities from UCC that students can tap into such as the ACIA Awards.

Other conference facilitators included Mr. Niwareeba Roland, the head of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Dr Catherine Wandera who represented the Vice-Chancellor, Dr. John Okuonzi, the Director DICTS,  Prof. Muwanga Zake, the Dean, Faculty of Science and Technology, Cavendish University, Mr. Boaz Turyasingura from Rural Electrification Agency, Eng. Zaina Kalyankolo, dean of Faculty of Science at Kampala International University, Mr. Buga Asasira, the Managing Director of Buga Tech cellphone Technologies, Mr. Mayur Kumar Chippa from ISBAT university and Micheal Kasirye from Civil Aviation Authority.

Dr Catherine Wandera delivering opening remarks on behalf of the Vice-Chancellor
Mr. Niwareeba Roland giving his remarks
Dr John Okuonzi giving a key note on 4IR
Prof.Muwanga Zake presented on “Student Professional Awareness in Uganda”
Mr. Mayur Kumar Chippa from ISBAT university presenting on “Photonics
Mr. Micheal Kasirye from CAA making a presentation
Dr Al-Mas Sendegeya giving a presentation on Sustainable Energy

Other topics that there discussed included 5G technologies, renewable energy technologies and the 4th Industrial Revolution. The conference featured keynotes, panel discussions and technical presentations. During the same conference, the best student projects received the award of 200GBP and certificates sponsored by Northumbria University Optical Communication Research Group which is headed by Prof. Fary Ghassemlooy.

The conference attracted students and faculty from Kyambogo University, Makerere University, ISBAT University, St. Lawrence University, Kampala International University and several institutions within Uganda.

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