Bishop Stuart University (BSU) Short Courses Offered

By | July 1, 2019

Bishop Stuart University (BSU) Short Courses Offered

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Short Courses:

–          Certificate in Computer Applications (CCA)

–          Certificate in Computerized Accounting (CCA)

–          Certificate in Computerized Data Analysis (CCDA)

–          Certificate in Information Technology Essentials (CISCO Academy)

–          Certificate in Project Planning and Management (CPPM)

–          Certificate in Project Monitoring and Evaluation (CPM&E)

–          Certificate in Management of NGOs (CM-NGOs)

–          Certificate in Education Management (CEM)

With accreditation, the University has overtime evolved its curriculum through establishment of faculties, to wit, the Faculty of Business and Development studies, the Faculty of Applied Sciences and the Faculty of Education. Currently, the  the Faculty of Law has started and applications from interested candidates are invited.

Vision and Mission

The Faculty of Law vision and mission are intertwined with Bishop Stuart University‘s vision and mission, namely to be a university for recreating the African society with academic excellence, human values and entrepreneurship; and producing multi-sectoral leaders/operators, who know the way, show the way and go the way.

The Faculty  endeavours to train and nurture Christian lawyers with a difference, that is lawyers who are prepared to work for the realization of justice as inspired and influenced by Christian values.

Course Offered

The faculty is currently running its first Intake of LLB (Bachelor of Law) and DIL (Diploma in Law). The next Intake will be communicated to the public through this website and other information Channels like Radio, Television, and Newspapers.