Bishop Stuart University (BSU) Mission and Vision

By | June 30, 2019

Bishop Stuart University (BSU) Mission and Vision

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Our Vision

The vision of Bishop Stuart University is to be a University for Recreating the African Society with Academic Excellence, Human Values and Entrepreneurship.

Our Mission

The Mission is Producing Multi-Sectoral leaders / Operators who Know the way, Show the way and Go the way.

Our Philosophy

The philosophy of Bishop Stuart University is based on the Christian understanding of God, mankind and the world. Commitment to developing individual talents with divine focus that will produce God fearing graduates of acceptable integrity and Christian values.

Aims and Objectives

To search for the generation and preservation of knowledge through teaching and research.

To create awareness to all those admitted to the university and make provision for the advancement, stimulation of intellectual life in Uganda and the world over.

To offer courses relevant to the needs of all people in the struggle for development in a holistic approach where men and women will develop their full potential, academically, spiritually and physically, thus making them productive in their communities.

To provide Christian ethics and universal moral values which will be the basis to personal and interpersonal relationships.