African Bible University of Uganda School Fees Structure

By | June 28, 2019

African Bible University of Uganda School Fees Structure

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Tuition and Other Costs

While African Bible University regards its work as a ministry in the name of Jesus Christ, costs for the operation of the university must be provided.

Charges for room, board and tuition will be determined annually, and should be comparable to costs at other major universities in the country. Students are also required to purchase most of their textbooks so that they will graduate with a basic personal library.

It is the desire of African Bible University that every qualified student who wishes to attend the university be able to do so. In order to encourage this desire, the university makes every effort to keep the cost of tuition, accommodation and meals to a minimum.

Prospective students are urged to seek sponsors who may help to underwrite the cost of their education, particularly in view of the service to Christ’s kingdom they may provide after graduation.

A limited number of work scholarship and need scholarships are available. Current fees rates may be obtained by contacting us here.